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High Speed Hand Dryer Stainless Steel

High Speed Hand Dryer Stainless Steel
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High Speed Hand Dryer Stainless Steel
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Features Dries Hands in 15 Seconds More Hygienic,No touch Operation Energy Efficient,Factory set 1475watts with Heat Long Life, Built, in Air Filter to protect motor from dust and particles Available in Stainless Steel, White and Black Ideal for hotels, pubs, restaurants, motorway stations and night clubs Technical Specification Voltage: 220/240V Frequency: (Hz) 50 / 60Hz Motor Type: Brush Type Power Output: 1475Watts Motor Power: 625Watts Heating Power: 900Watts Amps: 6.6Amps Sensor: Fixed Drying Time: 15 seconds Air Speed: 65 m/s Air Volume: 133m3/h Filter: Filter Included Noise Level: 75dB (at 1m) Warranty: 2 year

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