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ATC Z-2651WH Cub Hand Dryer 500/1150W

ATC Z-2651WH Cub Hand Dryer 500/1150W
ATC Z-2651WH Cub Hand Dryer 500/1150W
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High speed cub Hand Dryer 500-1150w Black

Stainless steel White Painted

Automatic Activation

Ideal for coffee shops, offices and medium use wash rooms.

Electrical Specifications:

 Voltage:   220/240v

Frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz

Motor type: Brush Type

Power output: 1150 watts

Motor Power: 500 watts

Heating Power: Off/650W

Amps: 5.2 Amps

Sensor: 0-250mm

Drying Time: 15 seconds

Air Speed: 65m/s


Size and Weight:





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